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Format conventions


  • Mimetism: Before submitting anything read the source code and do the same
  • Use EditorConfig to maintain the coding style, there is .editorconfig file on the repository


  • Items should be sorted alphabetically
  • Description begins with an uppercase letter and doesn't end with a dot (.)
  • Description should not contain the word tool if the item is a tool as it is already implicit per the meta-category named Tools
  • Description should be clear, concise, and non-promotional
  • Description should not contain the language since it is already in the language field
  • The keywords field should not contain words that are already in the description


  • Use pug-lint to ensure good pug coding style if you have to modify the templates
  • Never use spaces
    • use hyphen (-) for classes or IDs
    • use underscore (_) for filenames
  • If you have a doubt, read the code, it's easy to understand