That’s true, especially Awesome lists, but there is one for pentest, one for CTF, one hacking, one for web hacking, etc… I wanted one unique source with all kind of security related contents: tools, hardware, skills, resources, formations, etc…

Multiple lists made it hard to find information and there was redundancy. Also I wanted a more well structured, organized and complete list.

For more information check the home page of the inventory.

What motivated you to write this inventory?

Because I was upset to see that a lot of people think there is only CTFd as CTF platform, that Kali Linux is the only pentesting distro, that IDA Pro is the only disassembler, etc… but there is a lot more alternatives and even better ones in most cases.

This inventory is huge, do you need help?

Yes, help me keep it up to date. Please take a look at Contribution Guidelines.

Are you sure this is ultimate?

If you think this is not, please contribute to make it ultimate!

My tool is referenced here, what can I do more?

You can add a badge to your README or add your other infosec tools to the inventory.

What if you die?

Fork this project and keep it alive!