There are 4 main categories:

  • Tools
  • Resources
  • CTF platforms
  • Operating Systems

Each one has a dedicated page and sub-categories.

Once you have chosen a main category, for example Tools, you will be able to choose a sub-category and navigate to it by clicking one.

Rich tables

You can take a look at the features page to watch animated video.

Once you chose a sub-category, for example Web Application Exploitation, you can see a table listing web app exploitation tools.

But this table is not a simple table, it is a smart one.


By clicking on a column header (ex: name, description, language, etc.) you can sort all items alphabetically (or in the reverse order) if you sorted the Name column or grouped by Programming language if you clicked on that column.

Then on Name and Description column header, you can click on the little funnel, that will allow you to search an expression.

On this screenshot, I searched for proxy.


On some columns like Price, Online or Programming language, you can filter the table to display only rows are empty, non empty or matching a specific value.

It is very useful, for example, if you want to display only tools coded in Go.

Help and Clear

You still need more advanced filtering? Check the help button:

Now that you have sorted some columns and filtered some rows, you may way to clear all of that and display back the default view. Use the clearing button:

Fancy informational popups

Clicking on a row will show up a sweet alert popup giving you additional information about the source repository of the tool or resource.

Twitter bot

The Twitter bot randomly posts a tool or resource per day.

Just follow him to stay tuned and discover new stuff everyday.